Upcoming Events

The ACPF Training and Outreach team is hosting an informational webinar and workshop on ACPF!

Watershed Applications of ACPF Workshop
Stevens Point, Wisconsin
Dates are forthcoming

The ACPF team is planning a “Watershed Applications of ACPF” Workshop in Stevens Point, Wisconsin in the summer of 2020. (Date information is forthcoming) The workshop is designed for watershed practitioners, county conservation staff, watershed planners, NRCS professionals, and private consultants who are interested in learning more about using the ACPF to improve their small watershed-based planning and implementation projects. No GIS or prior ACPF experience is needed. 

Participants at the workshop, will learn:

  • How a watershed perspective impacts agricultural conservation work
  • What the ACPF is and how it compares to and interacts with other Wisconsin-specific  tools, applications, and models including EVAAL
  • How the ACPF improves the effectiveness of conservation work by allowing desktop work that informs field visits
  • How a field specialist works with a GIS specialist to generate meaningful and useful ACPF outputs
  • How to explain the assumptions behind each of the ACPF tools to farmers and other stakeholders
  • How to use ACPF output maps to engage stakeholders in conservation activities

Please note – this workshop will not provide training on how to use the ACPF within ArcGIS. Instead, it will cover how to use the ACPF outputs in a watershed planning context to positively impact your conservation work. Individuals attending this workshop need no GIS experience, however, access to colleagues or partners with GIS expertise is needed to ensure someone can run the ACPF for your watershed. For additional information or clarification please reach out to the ACPF team.

More information is coming soon!

Workshop partners include the University of Wisconsin-Madison Division of Extension, Natural Resources Conservation Service, Wisconsin Department of Administration, Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources, Wisconsin Land and Water, Wisconsin Department of Agriculture and Consumer Protection, and the University of Minnesota Water Resources Center.

Funding for this training is provided by a grant from the US EPA to partners at the University of Minnesota Water Resources Center, University of Wisconsin Extension, and Purdue University.

Informational ACPF Webinar

On Tuesday, March 17th, the ACPF team hosted an informational ACPF webinar for Wisconsin watershed coordinators and planners, county conservation staff, and NRCS field staff. 

The webinar reviewed what the Agricultural Conservation Planning Framework is, how it works, and how it can help 1) determine conservation solutions at the field scale, 2) engage diverse stakeholders in the watershed planning process, and 3) determine which sub-watershed to focus on and which landowners to engage.

The webinar also featured staff from the Outagamie County Land Conservation Department who will discuss their use of the ACPF and how it complements their use of the EVAAL toolset. You can access a recording of the webinar on YouTube.

The webinar provides more information on the ACPF to help you determine if the upcoming workshop in Stevens Point, Wisconsin is right for you.