ACPF Version 6 User Manual

ACPF Version 5 was released in the spring of 2023. Use this updated Users Manual as your reference when using Version 5 with ArcGIS Pro 3.0 and above.

list of Map Making Tips for Color blind producers

Making Better Maps for Color Blind Producers

Roughly 1 in 20 people have some sort of color vision deficiency. Color blindness is a genetic condition that occurs more frequently in men (1 in 10) than women. It can occur when there is a problem with the color-sensing cones in the eye’s nerve cells. This factsheet has tips and examples for developing accessible maps for color blind producers.

Screenshot of how to Build your ACPF Geodatabase

How to Build an ACPF Geodatabase from Scratch

Using the ACPF Utilities Suite you can create your own ACPF database complete with watershed boundaries, field boundaries, elevation, soils and land use data and run the ACPF tools anywhere in the conterminous United States –Read More…

Image of consultant list

Technical Consultant Directory

This directory lists for hire partners who can provide technical consulting services related to the Agricultural Conservation Planning Framework (ACPF). Organizations listed have acknowledged that the organization has staff trained in the technical aspects of theRead More…

Cover page of the ACPF User Manual

ACPF Version 4 User Manual

This manual accompanies version 4 of the ACPF software tools as a training and referencing resource for use with the third version of these tools, written for use in ArcGIS Desktop version 10.7 and 10.8.

A screenshot of the frequently asked questions page on this website

Frequently Asked ACPF Questions

This resource is a complete FAQs page that will help you find answers to some of the most asked ACPF forum questions.