The Agricultural Conservation Planning Framework National Hub 

The Agricultural Conservation Planning Framework (ACPF) National Hub is a multi-institutional collaboration to improve agricultural conservation planning processes and help communities and agencies address soil and water quality goals.  We are focused on serving Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) offices and conservation partners across the US to support conservation planning efforts at multiple scales.   

The ACPF National Hub works to:

  • facilitate the use of ACPF,
  • maintain a repository of core data, results data and GIS tools,
  • provide training and outreach resources,
  • collaborate on ACPF-related research,
  • coordinate a network of ACPF users, and
  • offer ACPF user support. 

The products and services we offer help leverage high-resolution geospatial data and science-based analysis within the conservation planning process thereby empowering decisions that have the potential to make the largest positive impact on a watershed.  

Mission: To improve efficiency and effectiveness of ACPF implementation in agricultural conservation planning through the continued expansion of data-driven approaches to meet water quality goals in local watersheds and larger regions. 

Vision:  To complement and assist the advancement of science and practical application of geospatial conservation data to improve soil health and water quality. 


Beyond the ACPF tools, datasets, training, and other resources offered through our website, the ACPF National Hub seeks to cultivate a network of ACPF users.  The National Hub recognizes that effective implementation of the ACPF is best done at the local level, and in recognition of that, we provide support and guidance to state or regional user groups as they adopt the ACPF to meet their local needs. The ACPF National Hub can help connect you to other ACPF users and help create state-based ACPF user-groups so you can better reach your goals!

A visual illustration outlining the process of using the ACPF from planning, running the ACPF, analyzing the results, and application. The table show which steps the Hub team can help with.


The National Hub partners include: The Iowa Water Center, North Central Region Water Network, Iowa State University, University of Wisconsin-Madison, and the Minnesota Water Resources Center.  

The ACPF National Hub is supported through a cooperative agreement with the NRCS.