How do I fix an edge-of-field bioreactors tool error? I believe “sheds_poly” corresponds to the polygon feature class of the drainage areas of each bioreactor site, which is an internal calculation of the tool. I tried saving the output Bioreactor shapefile to a new file geodatabase (.gdb) to see if perhaps there was not enough memory in the current file geodatabase, but the same error resulted. Only 1 field boundary was identified in this particular watershed as requiring tile drainage. Any thoughts?

The ‘sheds_poly’ must be at least 10 acres. If there are no polygons left after removing the small ones in the feature class, the repair_Geometry method will likely fail. We should put a test in theRead More…


My DEM is currently in the NAD 83 UTM zone 16 projection which is the correct zone for our area and matches the projection of the data downloaded from the ACPF website. It says the vertical accuracy is 6.24 cm and the horizontal accuracy is 0.6 m. Should I resample my raster to have 7cm z-factor and 1-meter cell size?

Before resampling, take a look at your settings. In ArcMap in the table of contents, right click on the DTM/DEM you are using and select properties. Click on the Source tab and email back with theRead More…