Resource Library

This resource library highlights some of the key ACPF resources. Looking for additional resources you don’t see on this page? Reach out to the ACPF forum to connect with fellow APCF users.  ACPF users are often the most important resource for more information!

New to ACPF? Check out the ACPF Summary Factsheet for an overview of how watershed coordinators can use ACPF and what is needed to run the toolbox.

Informational ACPF Webinars

  • The ACPF team has hosted several state-level informational webinars on the ACPF and how it can be used in a watershed context.  Those webinars serve as a great overview of the toolset and how it can work in combination with other watershed planning tools.  These webinars include:
    • The Minnesota Water Resources Center hosted an informational webinar on the ACPF and how the ACPF compares to other watershed planning tools commonly used in Minnesota like PTMapp and HSPF-SAM. Watch the recording
    • The University of Wisconsin-Madison Division of Extension, Wisconsin DNR, Wisconsin Land and Water and other partners hosted an overview webinar on the ACPF and how it can work within Wisconsin. The webinar also featured staff from the Outagamie County and Conservation Department who discussed their use of the ACPF and how it complements their use of the EVAAL toolset. Watch the recording

Examples of ACPF in Use

Other Resources

  • Colleagues at the University of Minnesota Water Resources Center, with support from USDA NRCS, recently developed a guide for making landscape-specific adaptations to the ACPF. This guide helps users take advantage of the flexibility built into the ACPF toolbox and develop meaningful strategies within the targeted subwatershed using the ACPF toolbox BMP siting outputs.
  • Using the ACPF Utilities Suite you can create your own ACPF database complete with watershed boundaries, field boundaries, elevation, soils and land use data and run the ACPF tools anywhere in the conterminous United States – even if land and soils data is not provided by the ACPF team.  To create your own geodatabase, watch Lecture 29 in the ACPF training videos or check out our newly developed Story Map.  Both resources take you step by step through using the ACPF Utilities Suite within ACPF Version 3 to create your own ACPF geodatabase.

ACPF Publications

The ACPF team and other partners have published a number of peer-reviewed articles on the ACPF planning concept, the toolbox, the riparian mapping system, the use on ACPF on the ground.  The ACPF has also been used to answer other research questions. Explore the publications: