Agricultural Conservation Planning Framework User Guide for Field Staff

The purpose of this user guide is to serve as a reference for conservation practitioners working with the Agricultural Conservation Planning Framework (ACPF) and ACPF results in a watershed context. This user guide is not written for ArcGIS users, but for field staff and watershed planners who work with GIS specialists and ACPF results to implement conservation plans and practices. The user guide reviews the results from each of the ACPF toolboxes to provide an understanding of how these results are created, what goes into producing them, and to encourage conservation practitioners to understand how they may be used to inform conservation planning, broadly speaking.

The intention of this user guide is to familiarize conservation practitioners with information about what’s going on behind the scenes in the ACPF toolboxes so practitioners can work with a GIS specialist running the ACPF to get the best results possible for watersheds of interest.

Tags: Conservation Planner, Field Staff, reference guide, User Guide