Our Team

The ACPF National Hub is a collective of partners from the Iowa Water Center, North Central Region Water Network, Iowa State University, University of Wisconsin-Madison, and the Minnesota Water Resources Center. We work in teams focused on the administrative, training, technical, and outreach and communication aspects of ACPF delivery and support. Meet some of those team members

Headshot of Rick Cruse

Rick Cruse

is a professor in the Department of Agronomy at Iowa State University and the Director of the Iowa Water Center. With research focused on water-driven soil erosion and soil management, he co-leads the Daily Erosion Project and the ACPF National Hub. As the administrative leader for the ACPF National Hub, his primary project duties involve building strategies for increasing ACPF use and expanding geographical coverage of the ACPF framework. When not focused on soil, Rick is a happy, albeit unsuccessful, hunter.

Contact Rick about ACPF partnerships and strategic direction

A dark haired man wearing a plaid shirt

Josh Obrecht

is the ACPF Technical Team lead responsible for overseeing the creation, editing, review and management of GIS data related to the ACPF toolbox, the sharing of results and helping with ACPF training and outreach. Before becoming the lead, he has assisted with all aspects of the ACPF program. He has worked with Iowa State University in Ames for over 15 years and has recently been appointed the GIS Facility manager. He holds a B.S. in Animal Ecology from Iowa State University and an M.S. in Geographic Information Science from St. Mary’s University (MN).

Contact Josh about ACPF Core Data and submitting new Core Data or Results

Headshot of Kevin Erb

Kevin Erb

is the Program Manager of the Conservation Professional Training Program (CPTP), University of Wisconsin-Madison, Division of Extension. He leads the CPTP team responsible for developing, updating and deploying training for ACPF users and those using ACPF outputs in watershed planning. A Certified Crop Advisor (CCA), Kevin’s outreach and research focuses include ag impacts on surface and groundwater quality, nutrient management planning and manure spill response/prevention.

Contact Kevin if you or your staff are looking for ACPF training

Emily Zimmerman heashot

Emily Zimmerman

is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Natural Resource Ecology and Management and the Global Resource Systems Program in the Department of Horticulture at Iowa State University. Emily’s research focuses on innovation and application of geospatial data and tools to identify areas of potential resource concern, characterize the potential for best management practices (BMPs) in those areas, and estimate biophysical and economic outcomes associated with those BMPs. As part of the ACPF National Hub team, Emily’s primary areas of interest are in the ACPF Financial and Nutrient Reduction Tool (ACPF FiNRT) and integration of ACPF and ACPF FiNRT in post-secondary education course curricula.

Contact Emily about ACPF FiNRT and any post-secondary education course curricula

Headshot of Dave James

Dave James

is a recently retired Geographic Information Specialist at the USDA/ARS National Laboratory for Agriculture and the Environment in Ames, Iowa. Formally trained as a Geographer, his efforts are directed toward the employing scientifically- sound principles of spatial data analysis and information management to agricultural research topics. Dave provides GIS technical support to the ACPF National Hub through the development of custom applications and database management. He is one of the original ACPF developers.

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