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How do I fix an edge-of-field bioreactors tool error? I believe “sheds_poly” corresponds to the polygon feature class of the drainage areas of each bioreactor site, which is an internal calculation of the tool. I tried saving the output Bioreactor shapefile to a new file geodatabase (.gdb) to see if perhaps there was not enough memory in the current file geodatabase, but the same error resulted. Only 1 field boundary was identified in this particular watershed as requiring tile drainage. Any thoughts?

The ‘sheds_poly’ must be at least 10 acres. If there are no polygons left after removing the small ones in the feature class, the repair_Geometry method will likely fail. We should put a test in the code for this. Something like…

if int(arcpy.GetCount_management(sheds_poly).getOutput(0)) < 1: sys.exit(0

You could try modifying line 161 to remove the in_memory assignment, then look at the sheds_poly in the default.gdb or scratch folder to see if there any features there…

sheds_poly = arcpy.RasterToPolygon_conversion(sheds, "sheds_poly", "", "Value")

  • Response: Your suggestion of modifying line 161 in the Bioreactor code worked. After running into additional errors with some of the other practice identification tools, I installed 10.4 and the tools I’d previously had problems with ran fine.

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