ACPF Result Data

The ACPF National Hub is pleased to announce that results data produced and supplied by various ACPF Toolbox users are now available to all users! These are not the full complement of the results produced by the ACPF Toolbox, but does include most of the polygon and table data outputs.

To see which watersheds have results data available, please visit the ACPF in Action Map. This map will show the available watersheds, which version of the ACPF Toolbox they were obtained from, and who the user was that provided them. This map will also allow you to view the results data if you zoom into one of the provided watersheds.


The results data is provided via ArcGIS Online. There are five separate services that correspond to the results from the separate sections of the ACPF Toolbox. Not all results from the tools are being enabled. These services allow for downloading individual features so you are able to extract data that is specific to your area of interests. Listed below are the services and what features can be found within them:

  • ACPF Results Stream Network and Catchment Features
    • Stream Reach
    • Catchments
  • ACPF Results Field Characterization Features
    • Runoff
    • Drainage
  • ACPF Results Precision Conservation Practice Siting Features
    • Grassed Waterways
    • Bioreactors
    • Drainage Water Management
    • Contour Buffer Strips
    • Depressions
    • Depression Drainage Areas
  • ACPF Results Impoundment Siting Features
    • WASCOBs
    • WASCOB Basins
    • Farm Ponds
    • Farm Pond Drainage Areas
    • Nutrient Removal Wetlands
    • Nutrient Removal Wetland Drainage Areas
  • ACPF Results Riparian Assessment Features
    • Saturated Buffers
    • Riparian Function Assessment
    • Riparian Attribute Polygons
    • Riparian Catchments
    • Two Stage Ditches

Documents providing instructions on how to use the data in ArcGIS Pro and ArcGIS Online have been provided. If you have any questions, please contact ACPF Support.

Since these data are being provided by multiple users over multiple toolbox versions, the Hub is trying to standardize metadata for the data. Documents will be created for each feature class and links to these documents will be found in a metadata field with each service layer. This metadata will provide some basic information, including any inputs that were used to run the corresponding tool. These inputs are only available for results from version 4 or newer.

Please note – this metadata is currently being finalized by members of the Hub. Once complete, the metadata field within the services will be populated with the links.


Since these services are built on data provided by ACPF users, you can help complete these services and provide an easy way for other users to utilize your results.

When providing your data, we ask that you remove the DEM data to help reduce the size of your upload since that data is not included in the results services. If you do not have a full dataset of the layers within the services, that is fine. We will gladly accept any data as long as the stream reach and catchments are provided. After submission, the data will go through a small quality assurance check and then will be uploaded to the services when a Hub member can run that process.